About R. Braille

Matt Quade (R.Braille) is a hip hop/rock infused artist that places a positive message within a hardcore approach. Born in Brownsville TX, and later making his way up to Appleton WI, R. Brailles passion and drive for his music grew rapidly through the positive impact he has made through his unique style. Some musical influences that inspired R. Brailles sound are: P.O.D., Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, and Hoobastank. R. Braille has been involved with the community and the youth to bring awarness on substance abuse, domestic abuse, and suicide. He has performed in SXSW in Austin TX, all around the mid west, and has also just finished a Soundtrack for an independent film called Heroes Rising which provides drug awarness for young teens. R. Braille releases a message of hope and inspiration through his music along with faith and passion to have the listeners, not just hear the music, but FEEL the music. He hopes to make a positive mark in the music industry, with the music he makes, and the inspiration to his fans to expand across the world to FEEL the music and FEEL the passion.





Matt Quade

Phone:  (920) 574-1885 

Booking Email: itsr.braille@gmail.com  

Press Email: r.braillemusic@hotmail.com

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HEROES RISING The Movie SOUNDTRACK IS OUT NOW! Available for online streaming on most media outlets. Physical Copies available for $10!!